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 Learn to harness the power of LinkedIn with my step-by-step program and
Flood your business with new leads, prospects and profits


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My 5c course is current and reflects LinkedIn best practice as it is today.

I update the course regularly to make sure you are benefiting from the most up-to-date information available.
Implement the latest LinkedIn techniques.

Beginner to Advanced 

Your course is structured in such a way that you are taken through every aspect of LinkedIn from the basics right through to advanced tactics.

Master the worlds most successful business social media platform.

Step-by-step Tuition

It's like having me sat right beside you walking you through every step.

You get to look over my shoulder as I show you how to setup, edit, tweak and optimise LinkedIn. Ensure a constant stream of leads for your business.

Generate Real Results From LinkedIn

The A to Z course that holds your hand and shows you how it’s done


LinkedIn Is The World’s Largest Professional Network With Over 435  MILLION Users… Many of Whom Are Looking For Your Exact Services! Just Imagine the possibilities in your business.

But there is a problem. Using LinkedIn to grow your business the right way can be very intimidating.

It’s easy to waste hours of your precious time trying to figure out what to do and how to do it only to find the results are not what you wanted. If you have had frustrations using LinkedIn effectively then don't fret, you are not alone.


The man behind the training

My name is Mark Williams and I have been making my living as a LinkedIn trainer and consultant since 2008.

I help business professionals, just like you, to increase their network and ultimately generate opportunities through LinkedIn.

My clients pay me hundreds of Pounds per hour for the information I share and I am privileged to be booked solid which shows they view my training as a sound investment.

I developed the 5C training program to be the most comprehensive LinkedIn course available

Enrolling on the 5C course is like having me sat right beside you walking you through every step. You get to look over my shoulder as I show you how to setup, edit, tweak and optimise LinkedIn to ensure a constant stream of leads for your business.

The 5C Course is a one-time investment of only £396 
No recurring billing - You only pay once for full access


Your 100% - No Hassle Guarantee

You get 30 days to try out my LinkedIn training and see if it's for you.
If you feel it’s not, then email me and I will refund your money, simple as that.
No questions, no hassle I will just give you your money back.

My hassle free refund commitment makes this risk free.


"The course covers everything from strategic concepts to advanced features such as how to adjust LinkedIn's settings based on your professional objectives."

Stan Robinson, Jr. 
SHR Marketing, LLC - CEO

" I became aware of several mistakes I was doing on my LinkedIn profile and learned how to leverage the platform to find customers."

Nuno Vidal,
Co-Founder of Solutia

Who is this course for?

This is a valuable course no matter what industry you are in. If you have potential customers who are on LinkedIn then my 5C Course will show you how to find them, connect with them, build a relationship with them and put your product or service in front of them.

  • Learn my top hacks to get your profile noticed so that you stand out from the crowd and gain instant credibility. This is the foundation to building trust and people buy from those they know like and trust.

  • Find out how to identify, find and connect with the people who matter to your business. By separating the wheat from the chaff you concentrate your efforts where they matter. Your network becomes a rich seam of contacts who can make a difference in your business.

  • I will show you how to rise up and be seen as an influencer within your market. People want to do business with experts and the true expert doesn't chase leads, the leads flow to the expert.

  • Convert leads to customers. Let's face it this is what business is all about. If LinkedIn is nothing more than a glorified social media platform for you than it is wasting your precious time. 

  • Learn to invest your time where it counts and get a return on your investment by using LinkedIn the right way
Comprehensive, Up-to-date Online LinkedIn Training Course
  • The 5C System LinkedIn course contains 65 HD step-by-step videos all hosted online within your virtual learning environment (VLE).
  • 5 informative modules walk you through everything you need to know to leverage the power of linkedIn.
  • I update the course materials as LinkedIn makes changes meaning you always have your finger on the pulse of what is working right now.
  • You get to ask questions, give feedback and be part of the 5C comunity.

Exceptional value for a one-time investment of Only £396 

No recurring billing - No monthly fees - Backed by my 100% Money Back Guarantee


Your Guarantee

You get 30 days to try out this training and see if its for you.
If you feel it’s not, then email me and I will refund your money, simple as that. No questions, no hassle I will just give you your money back.

My hassle free refund commitment makes this risk free.

Flexible Learning To Suit You


Instant access 24/7, 356 days a year


The 5C system is an online training course that you can assess immediately. Work at a pace that suits you and implement your learning in real-time using my step-by-step videos.

I show you exactly what to do and how to do it, it's like having me right there with you. You look over my shoulder as I guide you in the best practices of LinkedIn


Learn at a pace that suits you

My teaching style is refined and easy to follow. This comes from having trained thousands of people on how to grow their business and profit from LinkedIn.

I tell you why then I show you how and then you get to pause the video and implement the technique on your own LinkedIn account.

Take a Look at What You Will Discover…

 Commence - Module 1: Takes you by the hand and shows you the basics 

This is what you will learn...

  • How LinkedIn actually works (you will be surprised)
  • You get a guided tour of all the settings and you will learn what they all do
  • How to avoid the most common privacy setting mistakes that can sabotage your success
  • How to increase visibility with the flick of a switch
  • How to make the right impression by creating a profile that establishes your credibility

 Create - Module 2: Your success will be built on the strength of your profile 

Do this wrong and the rest is just a waste of time. Get this right and you will create a first impression that will attract success.

This is what you will learn...

  • How to create an attractive and effective profile that speaks to the contacts you wish to attract
  • Make your profile magnetic - How to get your prospects attention and draw them into your profile
  • How to use psychology to greatly improve the impact of your profile
  • How to get your prospect to feel like you are speaking to them directly
  • How to create a headline that guarantees more connections
  • How to write an authentic profile summary that creates trust. - Most people get this wrong
  • How to create a pen portrait of who you are, what you do and most importantly why you do it
  • How to create an effective company page to establish credibility in your brand

 Connect - Module 3: The reason people join LinkedIn is to connect and network 

How to not only find the right people, engage and connect with them, but how to do this strategically.
I call this intentional network growth and it builds a powerful network that will generate leads.

This is what you will learn...

  • The importance of relevance when building a network
  • Who you should accept invitations from and who to decline
  • Advanced search techniques that laser target the people that matter to your business
  • How to setup alerts that notify you when a prospect meets your set criteria
  • The power of invite personalisation across mobile, tablet and desktop devices
  • How to invite the right people and get them to accept your invitation - 97% success rate
  • How to see who is viewing your profile and what you should do about it and how to use this to your advantage
  • Avoid being penalised by Linkedin by using my foolproof process - keep your account in good stead
  • The pros and cons of premium accounts. - Do you really need one?

 Communicate - Module 4 Communication is key which makes this module critical 

Communication is where most people get it wrong!

This is what you will learn...

  • How to reply to an invite in a way that starts building a relationship - What to do after clicking accept
  • How to harness the power of a LinkedIn group
  • How to establish your voice in your market and build credibility by publishing posts
  • Gain loyal followers by publishing - What content to publish, what you should say and how often you should do it
  • Increase engagement with your prospects by posting effective status updates - The how and why
  • How to create momentum by curating and sharing other people's content (OPC)
  • Post your content on autopilot and save time by using my scheduling blueprint system
  • My top engagement techniques that attract comments and get you more views

 Conversions - Module 5: This is where the rubber meets the road 

Everything you have done so far is great for your vanity but won't boost your bank account. In this module we cover how to leverage your connections to win customers.

This is what you will learn...

  • When and how to promote your business without losing credibility. - This is trickier than it sounds
  • To use my hidden technique and gain your "unfair advantage" by learning what your prospects value when buying
  • In-depth research techniques that show you what your prospects needs to hear to make a buying decision
  • Sales Navigator - what it is, how it works and when it makes sense to buy it

Time for you to take control of LinkedIn

  • The 5C System is everything you need to master LinkedIn and get the results you want. 
  • 65 High Definition videos walk you through the how, what, why and when of the perfect profile.
  • You are guided by Mark Williams, a world renown leader, thinker and trainer on the topic of LinkedIn who has gained the nickname Mr LinkedIn. Just Google Mr LinkedIn and see for yourself.

 24/7 access and support - exceptional value for a one-time investment of only £396 


Your 100% - No Hassle Guarantee

You get 30 days to try out my LinkedIn training and see if it's for you.
If you feel it’s not, then email me and I will refund your money, simple as that.
No questions, no hassle I will just give you your money back.

My hassle free refund commitment makes this risk free.


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